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On-line thermal performance monitoring, analysis, and optimization

Scientech's PMAX system has been installed on more nuclear generating stations than all other on-line performance monitoring systems combined.

PMAX is currently saving millions of dollars per year to its users through improved plant performance and control strategies.

Increased plant effeciency

PMAX , an on-line performance monitoring and analysis system, is a tool that will increase your plant operator's awareness of the importance of performance, reduce heat rate, and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Scientech's rapidly growing list of PMAX installations is currently serving commercial and industrial electric utilities by:

  • Providing guidance to plant operators by graphically presenting target values, deviations from targets, and lost power effects for those deviations
  • Providing on-line balance of plant performance so operators can assess current plant operations to detect and correct problems
  • Detecting condenser fouling, and giving plant operators the information needed to optimize condenser performance
  • Providing a means to validate plant equipment vendor claims
  • Using input validation, the system can detect instrument fault and calibration errors
  • Trending critical plant component performance allowing users to monitor component degradation and optimize their maintenance efforts to minimize unscheduled downtime
  • Replaying plant events using archived data to reconstruct activities during time periods of interest
  • Distributing the information calculated by PMAX throughout the plant and utility on computer networks for graphical display and further analysis”

Scientech can provide new users with technical support services through the experienced professionals in our Plant Performance Division. These services can include analysis and optimization of electric generating stations, support and maintenance of PMAX and associated networking, regular software updates in response to customer feedback, and an annual User's Group Meeting to develop relationships between users and Scientech.

Additional information
For more information on PMAX contact:
If you would like additional product information, please fill out the form at:
http://famos.scientech.us/Product_Request_Form.html or contact:
Bob Holzworth, bholzworth@curtisswright.com or visit http://famos.scientech.us/PMAX.html

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