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Scientech is committed to our Quality Assurance Program. Our QA Manual defines and documents all program requirements that are rigorously implemented for all contracts that require a QA Program. The policies, procedures, instructions and training associated with this provide the control over how we conduct our business and our contract projects. This QA Program assures that our work and our environment are safe and performed in a manner that complies with all aspects of industry quality requirements. The Scientech QA Program is responsive to a number of regulatory requirements and standards including:

  • 10CFR50/Appendix B, “Quality Assurance Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants and Fuel Reprocessing Plants”
  • 10CFR21, “Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance”
  • ANSI/ASME N45.2-1977, “Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facilities”; (including N45.2.11 “Design”; when specifically imposed by contract)
  • ANSI/ASME NQA-1-2008 with 2009a Addenda, “Quality Assurance Program Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications”

The status of the Scientech Nuclear QA Program is as follows:

ISO Certification: None
Program Basis: Scientech's QA program responds to US nuclear regulatory requirements 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR 21 and society standards ASME N- 45.2, and ASME NQA-1.
Canadian Standards: The Scientech QA Program has been evaluated to meet CSA Z 299.1, .2, .3 and .4

NUPIC Status: The current version of the Scientech QA program is available to Utility companies on the NUPIC website.

NIAC: Scientech is active member #39

For additional information or to receive copies of the Scientech QA program, please contact:
Vince Chermak, SSBB, PMP
Director, Quality Operations
1350 Whitewater
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
T: 208-497-3366 | M: 208-313-3562

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